The Power Of Branded Apparel

  • May 7, 2020

Hear how one company advertised with clothing items in a unique way, and learn how your brand can build up awareness and business with custom garments, too.


Recently, Wingstop gave away hoodies… hoodies that featured messages on them, which made it clear they were ads for this restaurant chain. If people posted photos/videos of themselves in the hoodies and tagged Wingstop on social media, they would be sent $10. 


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This means that fans got swag and money, while this eating establishment got tons and tons of publicity… for way less money than they would have spent on, say, billboards across the nation or print ads in major publications. wingstop ad hoodie


This goes to shower the power of branded apparel. It truly acts as a walking billboard, and if it is cool enough on its own or utilized during a marketing campaign, it can do quite well online, too, building up even more awareness and business. 


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raffle ticketHere are some additional ideas, to help your brand get the most out of custom clothes for fans, employees, clients and more:


Host A Giveaway - Everyone loves free swag, so have a raffle at a trade show, or give away freebies online. This will create a buzz around what you are doing, getting more eyes on you. Read our tips for hosting giveaways here


Be Cool & Clever - Obviously, your brand’s info will be featured on this apparel, but it still needs to be a piece that people will want to wear. Go for high-quality and stylish items, adding in colors and accents that make them stand out, or print relevant and funny sayings on T-shirts, providing more incentives for people to buy/take them.influencer


Find Ambassadors Or Influencers - Another wise way to appeal to crowds is with ambassadors/influencers; these people already have followers and are looked up to, so put them in your clothes and show them using your product(s)/service(s)!