6 Ways To Advertise With Rubber Ducks

  • Apr 6, 2020

These fun and festive items are great for welcoming employees, raising funds, promoting campaigns, incentivizing customers, thanking clients and more!

As we have mentioned before, rubber ducks are very popular promotional products. While they are mainly associated with a child's bathtime, they are seen far and wide, as brands customize them and use them as fun forms of marketing. 

One reason this is true is because of how nostalgic these items are; they have been around for years, as they went from a children’s toy to something that can bring a smile to any face. In fact, they are regularly seen on adults’ dashboards and desks! Something else that makes rubber ducks a wise choice would be their affordability; tons of styles and themes are available, in order to fit into any marketing campaign for a fraction of what it would cost for a print ad, a billboard, a radio spot or a similar opportunity. 

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Down below, we have listed out six unique rubber duckies, along with ideas on how they can best be used to grow your business/organization. 

rubber duck stress relieverProduct: Rubber Duck Stress Reliever

How To Use It: Add these to employee welcome kits, as a way to help your team stay calm and de-stressed in the workplace!


rubber duck and coloring setProduct: Bathtub Crayon & Rubber Duck Set

How To Use It: Hand these out at trade shows and events, such as family friendly fairs, farmers’ markets and fun runs. 


racing rubber duckProduct: Weighted Racing Duck

How To Use It: A great way to raise funds for a cause is with a rubber duck race; everyone pays to have one of these toys entered into a race, where one is claimed the winner!


camo rubber duckProduct: Camouflage Rubber Duck

How To Use It: When promoting a new campaign, consider hiding these around town; fans can find them, upload photos to social media, and be entered into a giveaway.


colorful rubber duckProduct: Transparent Color Rubber Duck Toy

How To Use It: Every so often, specials take place, when discounts, coupons and other goodies are applied to purchases. One idea would be to add one of these items into every purchase over a certain amount. 


rubber duck usbProduct: Rubber Duck USB Drive

How To Use It: A creative way to thank customers and clients for their business and/or for referrals would be gifts, big or small, like a one-of-a-kind USB drive!



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