Employee Recognition Is Vital In 2020

  • Aug 11, 2020

Employers need to show acknowledgment and appreciation, especially in the middle of a pandemic. 


The coronavirus pandemic has brought about many negative effects, especially in the workplace. In fact, because of these changes, over 40 percent of employees feel hopeless, burned out and/or exhausted.


Additionally, 82 percent of professionals in the U.S. feel they aren’t recognized enough for contributions at work, and COVID-19 certainly hasn’t helped that.


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Now, more than ever, teams need to be acknowledged and appreciated. From the minute a person walks in the door (or, in 2020, logs onto their computer from home), they need to know what their job is, why it is vital, how they can get it done and, most importantly, that they will be praised for finishing tasks and reaching goals. 


If not, employees will continue to feel drained and undervalued, which can lead to poor performance, a bad attitude, bringing down those around them and turnover. 


Therefore, consider the following employee recognition gifts and welcome kits!


Branded Tech Gifts (Which Are All Under $15)

Wireless chargers, Bluetooth speakers and wireless earbuds are must-have gadgets in today's day and age. Whether someone is at their desk, traveling or hanging out at home, they will certainly appreciate having high-quality tech devices. 


Power Banks (Great For Boosting Employee Morale)

More specifically, everyone at the office should be equipped with a custom power bank. These can charge anything, anywhere, and they show off brand’s in a unique way.


Candy & Snacks (For Employees, Clients & Fans)

Technological items aren’t the only route: Teams will love receiving candy and snacks, too! Energy bars, boxes of chocolate, wine with branded labels and gourmet towers are just a few examples of what can be imprinted and given. 


Work-From-Home Incentives (Which Are Necessary Right Now)



Additionally, many may choose or may have to continue working from home, so don’t forget about WFH incentives. These gifts can include desk tools, like pens, laptop cameras and notepads, as well as relaxing things such as spa kits and fuzzy slippers. 

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